EU policy making

Context – Brussels is the centre of the EU institutions, policy-makers, stakeholders and all other interest groups that are jointly formulating EU policies. From that perspective, Brussels is not only a seat of the institutions, but rather a specific environment that shapes the overall approach towards legislative and non-legislative initiatives of the Commission and the final outcomes. There is a number of interest organisations that put together the key players from the agriculture sector and provide useful information sources for the policy-makers.

Timing – on every step of the legislative process, the EU institutions are in a permanent contact with the stakeholders and interest groups. This provides them with the opportunity to verify the policy objectives, consult with experts and provide check with reality – from the stakeholders´ consultations, through expert group meetings, civil dialogues process up to the confrontation with the Council and the EP.

Key challenges – AIF provides full service to the members and monitor the initiatives of other key associations and interest group, participate to the meetings and seminars organised by AIF and other stakeholders and provide analytical background for the members. This helps to formulate the position of AIF towards policy-makers and ensures support for the AIF priorities towards the policy-makers.