About the agriculture sector

Agriculture sector is one of the most important sectors in Europe. Even with its relatively low share on GDP (around 3%), it gives employment to around 20% of European population. The importance of the primary production is of course increased when one includes the food production and processing. All together we talk about 4,4% of the European GDP and more than 15 million jobs, which counts more than 8% or the European employment. The EU is the biggest world producer of food and beverages. Therefore the political, social and environmental importance is much higher and cannot be only compared to the GDP contribution.

The agriculture sector is not only about the food production and processing. Substantial part of the whole sector is the area of rural development. Rural areas face specific challenges with respect to economic environment, different natural and climate conditions and influence lives of millions of Europeans. With that respect the specific attention to development of those areas is essential and of the highest priorities of the EU.

The Common Agriculture policy (CAP) – CAP – is the most important tool to ensure that commonly shared objectives and goals of the European agricultural policy are met on European level. If respects both pillars – agriculture production and rural development – and represent unprecedented success of the European cooperation.

The key statistical figures on agriculture could be found here: (see here)